Face Lift


Along with age comes dramatic facial changes, with a loss of elasticity and collagen causing drooping brows and eyelids, less prominent cheeks, deep lines, jowls, and saggy neck. Our mid-face loses volume and our lower half gains it, resulting in a once heart-shaped face looking more square and less defined.

A facelift, or meloplasty, reverses these changes eliminating excess fat, tightening muscles, and removing deep lines, folds, and sagging skin, Dr Page tailors each procedure to the requirements of the individual, refining, contouring and rejuvenating the face and neck for a fresh and youthful appearance. He often performs this procedure in conjunction with eyelid, forehead or other surgery for optimal results. Should you wish to explore other procedures, please discuss with Dr Page at your consultation.

Surgery typically takes 2 – 5 hours, with more extensive procedures taking longer. General anaesthesia is used with overnight observation in a fully accredited Perth hospital. Minimal scarring is achieved with incisions made discreetly in the hairline at the temple, down a skin crease in front and around the ear, and into the scalp’s hairline. Dr Page separates the skin from the underlying fat and muscle and stretches it upwards and backwards and removes any excess skin.  Depending on the procedure, he may tighten muscles and remove fat under the chin to enhance the effect.

Post-surgery, tubes may be attached to the incision sites to collect fluid. Compression garments are worn to reduce swelling and accelerate the healing process. You may feel bruised and sore for several days, with visible swelling and bruising lasting for 2 -3 weeks and some tightness and numbness persisting for several months. Three weeks post-surgery, you may feel ready to return to work. Unlike cosmetic surgery done on the body, exercise can generally commence several weeks later, with the final results of your surgery entirely visible after four months.

A successful facelift operation will see soft facial tissue tightened, resulting in a fresh, more youthful appearance, without a tight or operated appearance. While the ageing process doesn’t stop after a facelift, it prevents the lines and wrinkles from appearing years later.