Brow Lift


As we age, facial expressions and sun exposure lead to frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and droopy eyebrows and upper eyelids. These changes can cause a tired, angry or sad expression. Dr Page’s brow lift addresses these changes for a fresh and youthful appearance to the upper face. 

Identifying the areas of the face that bother you helps Dr Page determine the best surgical options to meet your goals. His results are beautifully natural and never overdone, from a smoother forehead and elevated brows to less crow’s feet, frown lines, and eyelid sagging.

Dr Page performs brow lifts with minimal incisions made behind the hairline across the top of the head and from temple to temple. Excess skin is removed, and small muscles weakened or disconnected. Dr Page elevates the eyebrows, fixing them into a higher position using sutures beneath the skin, then pulls the skin of the forehead upwards before trimming excess skin. This cutting-edge method provides a  natural appearance, minimal incisions, and swift recovery.

To achieve a beautifully balanced look, a brow lift is often performed along with other cosmetic surgery procedures, like a blepharoplasty. Should you wish to explore complementary procedures, please discuss with Dr Page at your consultation.

Surgery is performed for aesthetic and medical reasons, taking between 1 – 2 hours in a fully accredited hospital.  Depending on your procedure and general health, local or general anaesthesia will be used. Surgery is performed as a day procedure, however, depending on your health and the extent of the procedure, a short hospital stay may be required. 

Following surgery, expect to have a small pressure bandage around your forehead, which is removed the following morning.  Because incisions are hidden behind the hairline, there are no visible signs of surgery. Most patients resume their usual activities within just a few days, with exercise and heavy lifting starting after two weeks.