Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)


Childbirth, yo-yo dieting and extreme weight changes can cause a soft bulging belly and sagging skin around the stomach area that no amount of dieting or exercise can improve.  Only an abdominoplasty, also known as a ‘tummy tuck’, can effectively remove stretched or sagging skin.

Removing excess fatty tissue, repairing torn muscles and shifting skin folds in the mid and lower abdominal region, an abdominoplasty tightens up the abdominal wall and eliminates stretch marks for a beautifully flat firmer-looking stomach. 

Identifying a patient’s specific goals helps Dr Page determine the best abdominoplasty procedure. This can range from a minor removal of hanging skin, to a major abdominoplasty where a new umbilicus is created and the abdomen is tightened.

Abdominoplasty surgery is performed in a fully accredited hospital under a general anaesthetic with overnight observation if required. Dr Page performs the procedure over three hours, making two incisions – one along the lower abdomen just above the pubic hairline, and the other a circular incision around the navel. Abdominal skin and fatty tissue are raised away from the underlying abdominal structures, and if required, he repairs the abdominal wall and muscles. The tissue is stretched in a downward direction, and excess tissue and skin are removed. Drains are inserted in the wound to remove excess blood and serum that may accumulate, and the incisions are sutured.

After surgery, your abdomen will feel tight and swollen, and it can take several days to stand up straight fully. Some swelling and bruising will be present, and this should start to subside within 4 – 6 weeks. A full recovery period of six weeks should be expected.  Reducing strain on your abdomen should be the priority, so heavy activity and strenuous exercises should be avoided until 6 – 8 weeks, by which time the area will have mostly healed.

Dr Page always takes considerable care with scarring. In this case, only a scar is left along the bikini-line, and occasionally a scar may rise higher if an improved waist is required. A small scar is also left around the belly button but should fade considerably over 12 months. Visible results can last pleasingly for over 10 years.

Due to the stretching of skin and muscles that result from pregnancy, conceiving is not recommended after an abdominoplasty. We recommend undergoing this procedure after having your last child.