Blepharoplasty (Eyelid)


Blepharoplasty (or eyelid surgery) by Dr Page enhances, rejuvenates and beautifully refreshes your appearance in a natural-looking way. It can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids, or both, to improve an aged or tired appearance caused by lid heaviness and undereye bags. If sagging eyelids are partially blocking your vision, this procedure can successfully remove this obstruction and restore your full field of vision.

An upper eyelid blepharoplasty focuses on the region between the eyebrow and the eyelashes, removing excess fat and drooping skin through a discreetly hidden incision placed in the upper lid crease. This allows scars to be concealed in your natural eyelid fold.  Blepharoplasty is not intended for drooping eyebrows, creases of the forehead, temple or cheeks, or wrinkles from the outer corners of the eyes and high cheekbones (crow’s feet). If any of these areas are of concern, please consult with Dr Page regarding complementary procedures.

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty centres on the area between the eyelashes and the cheek to remove excess fat (puffy under-eye bags) and tighten skin for a more rested, youthful appearance. Depending on your features, an incision is placed on the inside of the eyelid, which is entirely invisible.

Blepharoplasty is performed for both aesthetic and medical reasons.  The surgery takes between 1 – 2 hours in a fully accredited hospital.  Depending on your procedure and general health, local or general anaesthesia will be used. Initially, following surgery, ointment and a cold compress may be applied, or your eyes may be loosely covered with gauze. Expect swelling to settle within just a few days, with bruising resolving itself in two weeks. In the meantime, makeup can be applied to conceal bruises, and most patients can expect to be back to their usual routine within this time.