Body Contouring


The ageing process, gradual weight gain, substantial weight loss, pregnancies, and breastfeeding take their toll on our bodies, and gravity, sun damage, skin type and genetics all play a role in influencing this process.

Body contouring surgery by Dr Page is excellent at turning back the clock, sculpting and contouring the silhouette for a more naturally beautiful and smoother shape. It’s especially effective after significant weight loss surgery where skin and tissues don’t have the elasticity required to fit your new body size.

The areas most commonly affected by post-weight loss tissue overhang are the abdomen, flanks and buttocks, breasts and back, arms and inner thighs. Dr Page performs a range of body contouring surgical procedures that reposition, retighten or remove excess or drooping tissue from these areas. 

A thorough body assessment is key to developing the right treatments to meet your goals and expectations. Procedures include abdominoplasty, liposuction, inner thigh lift, labiaplasty and brachioplasty.  You can find specific information about each procedure at this link.

Surgery is performed under general anaesthetic procedures. On the day of surgery, you will be admitted to a fully accredited hospital with an expected one or two-night stay, depending on the nature and effects of the procedures. Following surgery, drains will be inserted to remove excess fluids and once removed, you will be able to go home.

Expect to be mobile from day one and back in routine and exercising within four weeks. Dr Page recommends taking at least four weeks off work to ensure proper recovery; however, this timing may differ depending on the combinations of operations done at the same time.

All body contouring surgery results in some scarring, although its extent depends on the techniques used. Initially, scars tend to be red and raised for the first six weeks and fade to white over the next six months.