“Tuck shop arms”, “bingo wings”, “wobblies”, and “ta-ta flaps”. Whatever you want to call them, blame genetics, weight fluctuations, and the ageing process for one of our most detested body parts – saggy baggy arms.

While exercise can help tone upper arm muscles, no amount of push-ups or Pilates can remove the excess skin. Fortunately, advances in surgery allow women to achieve the smooth, taut, youthful arms of their dreams.

As a highly trained and experienced specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Rohan Page performs a range of cutting-edge body contouring procedures. One of his most requested treatments is an arm lift.

“Thanks to developments in brachioplasty surgery, we’re seeing revolutionised results in this area which is great news for women who feel self-conscious about their loose upper arms,” says Dr Page. “It’s extremely effective for getting rid of excess, sagging skin and fat that spans elbow to armpit. It not only beautifully contours arms but restores body confidence. I’ve seen transformative results.”

Brachioplasty is a relatively short procedure taking between 2 – 3 hours under general anaesthetic. Making a long incision between elbow and armpit, segments of skin and fat are removed, and the remaining skin and tissue are lifted for a tighter look. In some instances, liposuction is also performed. Each case is unique, and some procedures can include surgery on the entire upper arm from elbow to armpit or just parts of the lateral chest. Brachioplasty scars were highly visible until just a few years ago as gravity took hold and stretched them down. Fortunately, in some assistances, new updated techniques allow for a much smaller incision line that is cut discreetly in the armpit.

“The results of an arm lift are immediate and have longevity as long as healthy lifestyle choices continue to be made,” says Dr Page. “It’s important to remember brachioplasty is not an antidote for obesity or a substitute for weight reduction. For results that last, you must keep fit, healthy and maintain a stable weight.”

An arm lift is also a solution for those suffering debilitating skin folds caused by sagging skin and excess fat. “Skin slowly stretches over time, and if weight is dropped quickly, it doesn’t have enough elasticity to spring back into place, which results in extra skinfolds of tissue,” says Dr Page. “An arm lift is the solution and prevents skin fold side effects like poor posture, skin infections, and difficulty with movement, including exercise. It’s game-changing.”

Post-surgery, tight-fitting compression garments are worn for at least the first few weeks to increase comfort, support arms, and accelerate the healing process.  Exercise and strenuous activities should be avoided until your surgeon gives you the green light to do so. Whilst scars are permanent, they will fade considerably after 12 months.

“I’m always thrilled with the results and love to see my patients regaining confidence in their bodies,” says Dr Page. “To feel good about yourself is an advantage every day, and opportunity to express yourself freely at any age.”


01 December 2021

Written by Elizabeth Clarke