With cosmetic clinics seemingly popping up on every street corner, perfectly symmetrical faces and usually youthful bodies are fast becoming the norm. The uptick is largely due to 2020’s Zoom Boom, with reported surges in bookings for surgical treatments like nose-reshaping, eyelid surgery, neck lifts, and breast augmentation. “We’re not accustomed to seeing ourselves speaking with others,” says Dr Page. “Because the camera angles accentuate features like nose, chin, jawline and neck, we focus on them too.”

With demand for cosmetic surgery at an all-time high, the cosmetic industry is booming. But before you book that 24-hour boob job at your local clinic, remember a beautifully natural result can only be achieved by a highly skilled accredited plastic surgeon.

“Just because someone calls themselves a ‘surgeon’ doesn’t mean they are the right practitioner for your procedure,” he warns. “Always do your research and ensure they are properly qualified and accredited. Modern advancements and cutting-edge techniques mean anything is possible, but the very best results require a discreet, considered touch. It’s important that patients still recognise themselves in the mirror.”

Dr Page is an advocate for natural looking results and believes being overdone can looks obvious and ageing. “You shouldn’t be able to tell a person has had anything done,” he says. “A tight face and overdone breasts can add years to your appearance. If someone asks a patient if they have had work done, then it hasn’t been carried out well. It’s important to look like you, only better.”

Genetics and lifestyle play an important part in how we age, with facial and body changes happening at different times, especially after childbirth or with the onset of menopause. “Today there a is a full range of surgical cosmetic enhancing procedures that can help improve and enhance any features,” he says. “The difference however between a great result and a disappointing one lies with the surgeon.”

With an appreciation of how the face and body ages and changes, Dr Page makes subtle tweaks and improvements that look more natural and not overly worked.  A firm believer in “less is more”, Dr Page devises a surgical treatment to match the individual and says the right procedure can take years off your age. “I can see in a matter of minutes what a face or body requires to look its very best,” he says “Our faces and body’s lose volume as we get older which can emphasise irregularities. Subtlety and gracefully enhancing your best features while skilfully eradicating aesthetic flaws, is key to a fresh youthful result.”

09 July 2021

Written by Elizabeth Clarke