Dr Rohan Page is passionate about achieving the most naturally beautiful results for every patient. “Cosmetic surgery isn’t about making someone look 20 again,” he says, “It’s about creating a lifted, fresh and less tired appearance. I’m an advocate of less is always more.”

Delivering exquisite results for nearly 20 years, Dr Page’s immaculate and minimally invasive approach is known for its remarkable effectiveness, low recovery time, and elegant results. 

Specialist plastic surgeon and director of his eponymous clinic, Dr Page holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, and became a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in 2003.  Awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he was a Fellow in Plastic Surgery at the prestigious Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, and Clinical Instructor in Plastic Surgery at California’s Stanford University Hospital.

In addition to being regarded as a leader in the field of plastic surgery, Dr Page is a revered cosmetic surgeon. His specialised areas lie in breast surgery, including augmentation and implant removal and replacement, as well as tummy tucks, arm lifts and reduction, and facial lipofilling/body fat transfer. His range of facial procedures range from eyelid rejuvenation, brow, face and neck lifts, and skin surgery.  

“The best results lie in choosing the right technique for each individual,’ Dr Page says. “My goal is that every patient be the very best version of themselves. I believe less is more for a beautiful result.”

His most requested procedures range from abdomen-sculpting tummy tucks and breast reductions to youth-enhancing eye lifts. “Eyelid surgery is certainly sought after, with upper blepharoplasty more performed than lower,” he says. “It removes draping skin from eyelids that can obscure vision and disturb the lids’ natural contour. It’s not only extremely effective and long lasting, but requires little downtime.”

Approaching each procedure with an artist’s eye, bespoke touch, and balance of high-quality care and safety, Dr Page says it’s essential for patients to approach any surgery with clarity and calmness. “As with all procedures, be sure about what you want and why you believe you need it,” he says. “Helping someone feel better in their skin and more confident is the most fulfilling part of my job, and always my end result.”


09 July 2021

Written by Elizabeth Clarke